Selection Committee Members

2015 Selection Committee

  • Andrea Atkin
    First Year College Faculty
  • Carmen White
    Academic Programs & Services, DASA
  • Casey Bray
    University Scholars Program
  • Chad Jordan
  • Chris Anson
    Camups Writing and Speaking Program
  • Christopher Tonelli
  • Darryl Lester
    African American Cultural Center Representative
  • Deb Luckadoo, 2014 Chair
    Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity
  • Eileen Taylor
    NCSU Office of Faculty Development, Teaching and Learning
  • Emerson Barker, 2013 Chair
    Graduate Student, Student-at-Large
  • Ingrid Schmidt
    Office of International Affairs
  • Jacob Thompson
    University Honors Program
  • James Knopp
    Faculty Senate
  • Jerome Lavelle
    Associate Deans Council
  • Lauren Caddick
    Park Scholarships Program
  • Mara Mathews
  • Marian Fragola
    NCSU Libraries, Program Planning and Outreach
  • Martin Hubbe
    Academy of Outstanding Teachers
  • Megan Hall, 2015 Chair
    First Year Writing Program
  • Michael Coombes
    New Student Programs
  • Laughlin, Phyllis
    Staff Senate Representative
  • Brian Jordan
    Parents and Families Services
  • Susan Jordan
    Parents and Families Services
  • Aubrey Walker
    Multicultural Student Affairs Student
  • Paula McDonald
    Student Government
  • Roger Callanan
    Academic Programs & Services, DASA
  • Ken Esbenshade
    College of Agriculture & Life Sciences
  • Teri Hellmann
    NCSU Bookstores
  • Shiana Thomas
    Multicultural Student Affairs Student
  • Trenton McNeill
    Residence Hall Student
  • Emma Cathell
    First Year College Student
  • Michael Pollock
    First Year College Student