Read, Engage, Connect

The purpose of the Common Reading Program is to create a common educational and interactive experience for incoming undergraduate students, introducing them to NC State institutional and academic values and expectations, including engagement as members of this community of scholars.


The Common Reading Program is not just about reading a book with 4000 other students. It’s learning about the topic of the book, considering all of the various dimensions and implications of that subject and engaging with fellow students, faculty and even the book’s author(s) through programs and activities that are designed to make the book meaningful for each reader.

Ultimately, the Common Reading Program aspires to inspire students to take what they have learned from the reading and accompanying experiences and make the world better in some way. This starts by connecting readers with the author(s) as keynote speaker(s) for the annual Wolfpack Welcome Week Convocation and start-of-academic-year activities across campus, and continues throughout the semester and year via a variety of other related events and opportunities. Bookmark this page and check back regularly to see a schedule of those activities.